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Due to inactivity over the past year, this wiki is being closed in the next week or two.


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Welcome to the Patterns Substance Pack Editor version 0.1!

With the Substance Editor you can modify textures and the physical behaviors of substances in Patterns

Launching the Substance Pack Editor[]

The substance editor can be launched from the main menu in Patterns. Click on “Launch the Substance Editor” link found on the Create new game tab.

Creating a pack[]

You can create a new substance pack, edit the default pack or choose to edit an existing pack.

New substance pack: Start from a clean slate. All textures are grey. All tuning values are set to neutral or off settings.

Default substance pack: Default pack starts you with the textures and substance tuning that exist in the game currently.

Edit an existing pack: As you save packs they will become available on the main screen of the Substance Editor.

Creating a texture and binding it to a substance[]

1. Select a slot in the substance panel you want to modify. New packs start with all grey textures by default.

2. The file path to the selected image is displayed here.

Select “create editable version” . A folder will open with a texture .png file.

3. Open the .png file with your image program of choice. Edit it and save it out as a .png file. Note: You will need to edit all three base shapes (square, equilateral, isosceles) in order to cover all shapes in game.

4. In the Substance Editor select Load. Your edited texture should show up in the the shape and texture display. Note: You need to edit the equilateral for the substance menu to update with your texture change.

5. Select Update <substance name> to bind the texture to the select substance.

6. Save and Exit.

Substance Properties[]

You can modify the properties for individual substances in this panel.

Name: Enter the name by which your substance is identified.

Crumble: The rate which the substance will crumble under your avatar

Durability: The strength level of strength against the break beam a substance has.

Lift: The degree to which a substance will float.

Weight: How heavy the substance is.

Hurt Player: The degree to which a player can be hurt.

Light: The degree to which the substance emits light hexadecimal color codes.

LightColor: The color of the light that is emitted in hexadecimal color codes.

Footprint color: The color of the footprints the avatar will leave behind.

Footprint time (0-30): The length of time footprints will remain behind.

Behavior: The physical behavior the substance has.

Save Properties: Save and save often!

Texture Panel[]

In the texture panel you select texture files and bind them to shapes and substances.

There are two texture properties that can be selected and modified.

Diffuse: Select this file type to mod the texture.

Normal: Select this file type to mod the surface map or bumpiness of the texture. Grey is the default. The green and red channels for this image file define how the surface maps. Grey is a flat surface map.

Loading your Substance pack in game[]

1. Load a world in Patterns.

2. In game select the ESC key to bring up the pause menu. Select “Substance Pack”

3. Choose Load pack.

4. Choose the Pack you want to load from your list.

5. Load the pack.