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Due to inactivity over the past year, this wiki is being closed in the next week or two.


Patterns Wiki

Instructions for Downloading and Accessing Patterns

Your activation key can be used to get Patterns in two ways. Patterns can be downloaded below:

[Click here to download]

Downloading from Steam

You can also download Patterns from Steam, a digital media and gaming distribution service. If you’re new to Steam, you’ll need to first create a Steam account and then install the free Steam application.

Steam Homepage-2.jpg

To play Patterns, launch the Steam application and log in using your Steam account name and password.


Patterns may already be available to play in Steam under the "Library" tab.


However, if you do not see it listed, you can add it immediately using the Product Key that you received after completing your purchase.

In Steam, select "Games" from the pull-down menu and then "Activate a Product on Steam."


Input your Patterns product key to activate and download the game.


Next, the game will appear in your Library.


Hit the "Play" button to begin the game!


You can always find Patterns in your Steam Library. New updates to Patterns are automatically applied to the game in Steam as they come available.

Have fun and enjoy Patterns!